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Apr. 24th, 2006

Back at ye ol' job. Oh joy oh rapture. The only good thing about this (besides the money) is the fact that I'm much more organized and proactive when I'm at work. Things like filling out student loan applications actually get done in a timely manner when I'm doing them in a business setting. I guess that when my time is my own I fritter it away on the highly addictive substance that is fandom but when I'm once again a wage slave I'm all kinds of efficient. The things we learn about ourselves.

However, this all means that I am extremely bored. So, if anyone wants to give me a drabble prompt or have a discussion about anything whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it. I've got about 5 more hours left here. *counts the minutes*

I'll have to remember to bring my fic notebook tomorrow.

The Da is off to do some lobbying in D.C. I'm doing a great job of hiding how giddy the whole idea of my father lobbying congress makes me. I think I've been watching/thinking about too much season one West Wing. It's just, he's going to be lobbying Congress with a national environmental association. And his hotel is right next to the Library of Congress. It is all so gleeful.

And suddenly I have the sneaking suspicion that I am a big ol' public policy dork. Once again my nerd colors fly proud and true.

I think the Big Lug has a Girl. Okay, maybe more of a lower-case-g girl but, yeah, either way this makes me smile. The idea of my ickle brothers dating makes me want to pinch their cheeks.

So, prompt me. Make me think so that my brain isn't a puddle of goo by the end of the day.

ETA: So apparently the president of Walden Media is saying that they want to film Prince Caspian, Dawn Treader, and Silver Chair fairly close together in order to make an "interlocking trilogy", whatever that means. He has also said that Prince Caspian may be delayed until Christmas 2008 for FX purposes. WTF?! One more whole year?! I might die of waiting.
So tonight is the series finale of The West Wing or some such and the Baylor Sister is TiVoing it for us not because we really care how it ends (Jimmy Smits? Who cares about him? And Josh/Donna = eeeeeeew *shudder*) but we do care about seeing Josh and Sam interacting on our TV screen again, no matter what. When she called to tell me what she'd be doing there may have been high pitched squealing and other sorts of funny noises. *happy sigh* I <3 my boys.

I have to go digging in the basement for work clothes, a job I so totally don't want to do. I miss my apartment where everything had its own place and I always knew where everything was. Stupid f-ing boxes.

The Wrestler got back from his first weekend in the Guard. He says they're all pansies and they only had to run a mile total during the entire weekend. Though he did enjoy shooting the M-16s. Sometimes I'm not exactly sure how it is we're related.

Two humongous sneezes just exploded out of me and startled the Pup out of his sleep. He had to make sure I was okay, after all. It's always funny, every time I make a strange noise or yell at my computer he gets up and comes over because he wants to make me happy. He's such a good Pup, except when he's not. ;-)
Got some wicked food poisoning from a bad egg salad sandwich yesterday. Moral of that story? If the egg smells off don't just think, 'oh, a little mayonaise'll take care of that.' because it really won't.

All better now but spent lots of time sleeping yesterday and today. Some of that might've also been inspired by the mini-West Wing marathon held last night at midnight. We had a great time. My brain is obsessed, however.

Got my old job back. Yes, the company is just that weird. I start on Monday which means that I have to go digging through the basement for my work clothes. *grumble* Hopefully I'll be able to pay off the credit card debt I've accumulated on unemployment before law school starts in September.

I was driving around the other day and found the perfect apartment. It had a big sign out front that said large pets were welcome. They look like bungalows, just a bunch of squat little building with no steps whatsoever. I can't wait to have the money to move the Pup and I to our new home, I'm already daydreaming about it (bonus, rent is only $30 more then I was paying at the old place, though I doubt cable is included). Ya'll are invited to the housewarming, whenever it may be.

The wedding present I purchased for my high school BFF's wedding got here yesterday. They're beautiful, two King Arthur goblets from the Noble Collection. I am all smiles.

Am gathering the courage to edit some more of 'All Stories End' as we speak. In transposing the latest part I discovered that it doesn't say a lot of what I want it to say. *grumble grumble*

It is absolutely gorgeous today. *basks*
So, when surfing the internets and seeing the name 'Sam' I have to remember that most people are talking about that WB show with the brothers and the car and not about Sam Seaborn on The West Wing. It's just baylorsr's evil sister tempted me into buying the season one dvds and we marathon'd a little last night and all I can think is 'JoshJoshJoshSamOMGILoveTobysomuchCJCJCharlieLEO'and 'why isn't our president competent?' My brain is full of fantasy political love.

Oh and fandom, you fail because you didn't tell me that J. August Richards had a itty part in 'Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc'. I could've saved the Baylor sisters a lot of high frequency ear damage if you had warned me about that. Shame on you, no cookie.

Not much else to report. Life, she goes on the same as always.

Now for some recs.

From remixredux:
Always Spring and Never Summer (Once a King, Always, Immortal Remix). Narnia.

Four Ways to Survive a New World (The Jackson Town Remix). SW/BSG.

Grace (The Coup de Main Remix). HP.

Why Batman Rulz.

Ryan Reynolds' Blog. Because it's funny and I actually think it's him.

Feb. 21st, 2006

Spent a while today organizing 2005's photos and loading them onto their own CD for storage. Was frustrated to discover that my pictures from the UM-Illinois football game had somehow disappeared in translation. Technology fails me again.

All I have to say about Friday's BSG is that it was a very West Wing episode of Battlestar Galactica. This means that it was not only very good but also made me want to watch some West Wing, something I've been craving for a while now. I can't wait to see how the BSG season ends, there are possibilities upon possibilities and I know that even the most outlandish things could conceivably happen. *is excited*

Speaking of The West Wing, I've heard a rumor that Josh and Donna are going to be getting together in future episode. Thank goodness my West Wing canon ends at season 3.

The Wrestler's National Guard recruiter is coming by the house tomorrow to let him know what MOS's he's eligible for. I'm not entirely sure what MOS stands for but it signifies potential career tracks. My brother wants to be an MP and after finishing college and ROTC plans on signing up with the actual Army and becoming a Ranger. I wanna be an Airborne Ranger, I wanna live a life of danger

I need my brain to start working again. It's been making fits and starts today but has primarily been sitting back and wrapping itself in cotton. Bleh.
A couple of things. First, realized that we're living in the Mirrorverse. You know, that universe on Star Trek where Spock has a beard and everyone is evil? Yeap, that's where we are. I have come to this conclusion because the G.W. Bush administration is obviously the Mirrorverse representation of the Bartlett Administration portrayed on The West Wing. True, I don't know as much about the high-level White House advisors in our current administration but the strange, mirror differences between G.W. and Bartlett are telling.

So, obviously, the universe of The West Wing will go on to found the United Federation of Planets and journey the galaxy and our universe will become the one where Spock has a beard. It all makes so much sense now.

Put together my first themed mix about a month ago. Have shared it with a few but now would like to share it with all. Unfortunately, I don't have the tracks here on my work computer so there won't be any YSI-ing but, well, just enjoy. =D

Imaginary Worlds track listCollapse )

Got my Sam action figure yesterday. Yay! Now Frodo and Bilbo and Sam are sitting on my computer desk, telling each other stories and planning their next Great Adventure. All they lack are Merry and Pippin to liven things up a bit.

Word Origin of the Day: Relief - A raised design on the surface of an object is so called from the Italian root verb rilevare, meaning "to raise." With a related background, the Latin compound verb relevare means "to raise again," which ended up in Middle English as releve before acquiring the modern spelling. In this form, the word usage - meaning "assistance" - gained a different application, inspired by the concept of replacement of need.

Jul. 22nd, 2005

This week has been tiring, yo. I'll be real happy to go on vacation. We just need to find a campground that isn't completely booked up for the next month worth of weekends. It's been a while since I've gone camping, I'd forgotten how popular state campgrounds were. It's mostly annoying.

Almost went out and spent money I didn't have, last night. Happily I was able to head the impulse off at the pass and ended up just browsing. I like things, I like to buy things. I'm a good little consumer.

The New Chick isn't so bad. I've become accustomed to her ways. Plus she burned me a copy of Kelly Clarkson's latest album. Anyone who gives me music is in my good graces, no matter what. We'll never be going out for metaphorical drinks after work but I don't think I'll be as nervous and stressed. This is a good thing.

Watched some more West Wing season 3 last night. The more I watch early seasons the more baffled I am by what I hear is happening in later seasons. This is another case of TV screwing up a great show and it's such a shame. There's just so much to love. Not solely with the politics but primarily with the characters. Oh those great, wonderful, and interesting characters. They're all 3-dimensional with their strengths and weaknesses, flaws and perfections. I could watch them all day and not get tired or bored. I love them all.

It's interesting how many of the shows that I love involve family in one way or another. Usually in the context of families that people create for themselves, the bonds of friendship and loyalty and love. The oldest, most fundamental factors that make us human never really change and every new generation finds ways in which the oldest stories resonate in their same but different lives.

ETA: Have found a campsite. Have made reservations. This is it. It's up on Lake Superior by Sault St. Marie. Eeeeexcellent.
Watched House last night, which was good but it suffered, poor baby, by the West Wing viewage I indulged in right before. Oh.My.Gosh. The final three episodes of season two are absolutely astounding. Easily the best television I've ever seen. It was extraordinary. I am in awe of what Aaron Sorkin and the cast (particularly Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing and John Spencer) were able to produce. Amazing.

In other television news, CBS has announced their fall line-up. numb3rs has been renewed which means it is more likely to cross the Pond at some future point. There's not a whole lot that I'm interested in, but there is some interesting casting: Threshold (Fridays at 9) will co star Brent Spiner, Close to Home (Tuesdays at 10) co stars Christian Kane of Angel: The Series fame, How I Met Your Mother (Mondays at 8:30) co stars both Jason Segel (Freaks & Geeks) and Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Out of Practice (Mondays at 9:30) co stars Christopher Gorham (Jake 2.0), Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler, and, finally, The Unit (a midseason replacement) stars Dennis Haysbert, Robert Patrick, Scott Foley and Amy Acker (Angel:The Series). I think CBS wins the prize for most familiar actors working on their new tv shows. There's somebody there for everyone.

ETA: For a better idea of what was picked up, cancelled or renewed over at CBS go over here.

I really want some lunch. Hmmm, what should I eat? A sandwich? What about Mexican? No, not really in the mood. Not chinese, I hear that the buffets in the area are staffed by indentured servants/slaves. Decisions, decisions ...

Apr. 5th, 2005

It is so gorgeous outside that I can hardly believe it's real. The sun is shining, the air is warm and the day is perfectly beautiful. The only things that would make this better are leaves on the trees and not being at work.

I watched 'Beyond the Sea' from season one X-Files last night. Wow. I'd forgotten what an amazing episode it is. Brad Dourif sent chills down my back and Gillian Anderson owned every scene she was in. I was completely and utterly captivated. mmmmmmmmmm I <3 Scully.

I have heard that in a recent episode of that new Law & Order show Joe Toye is shown wearing a newsie cap. Oh.My.Gosh. I need screencaps and pictures, stat.

I also popped my latest Netflix rental into the dvd player last night. It was Woman of the Year starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and it's a fascinating film. As a modern woman I don't completely agree with all of the sexual messages of the film, but then again it's extremely progressive for its time. The script is layered full of character and social observation and it more then deserved the Oscar for that year. I'd never seen a Hepburn/Tracy film before and am now completely won over by the two of them. Wow. What actors, what chemistry. It's a good flick and one that I'll be mulling over for quite a while.

For anyone who's interested, here's a list of the next 20 movies currently residing in my Netflix queue.

The ListCollapse )

Baylor plays MSU in the women's NCAA basketball championship tonight. This amuses me.
Spent some time the other day lurking over at the TWoP forums (I know, I know, I was taking my life into my own hands) where I saw an argument over who is the greater tv god, Joss Whedon or David Milch. I'm sorry to say that, as much as I enjoy everything Whedon and think Deadwood is one of the keenest shows on tv, in all actuality Aaron Sorkin is the greatest creator of tv shows ever. The early seasons of The West Wing should be shown to future generations of television creators as the pinacle of perfection and the example of what they should all strive to emulate. Watched the first few episodes of season two last night and am reveling in the West Wing love.

And this is where I would wax rhapsodic, but I will spare you all the inevitable saccharine explosion. I have no skill at poetry so just imagine that I'm doodling little hearts and flowers in the margins of my imaginary notebook and have whole pages full of the various permutations of Mrs. Josh Lyman. La la la *doodles*

Have started scheduling House into my weekly tv viewing schedule. It's not perfect but dang is it fascinating. It's my new soap opera.
Bleh. I hate November. I want it to die horribly and never darken my door ever.again. Every other freaking day the weather decides to change and throw my sinuses for a loop which causes me to get all headache-y and crabby and all I want to do is scream at people. It's a good thing that I live on my own because I have a feeling that I would be unbearable to live with this year.

And Because I Can't Stop BitchingCollapse )

In other, happier news, I got disc one of season one of The West Wing from Netflix last week and watched all eight episodes on Saturday. What a great show, it is wonderful and shiny and I love it to pieces. There are no characters I hate and everything is just wonderful. Yes, I've seen parts of season four and yes, I know that the post-Sorkin years are dark-ish but dang if this isn't wonderful.

And I should be getting disc one of Band of Brothers in the mail tomorrow. Thankfully there will always be television and movies and books around to make my world a better place.


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