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I might have mentioned that a little while ago those of us who spend time more than our fair share of time at FGC got to have a [personal profile] hiyacynth for a whole weekend. It was most delightful. And while she was up here she gave me the most wonderful Star Trek shirt in the history of forever! And what made it double-plus awesome was that I'd just been lamenting a few weeks before about how I didn't own a Star Trek fan-shirt even though I have a hobbit, a SW, a zombie, a dirty-joke-about-lawyers, a Narnia tote bag, and 2 SPN shirts and then [personal profile] hiyacynth gave me the most perfect thing ever!!!

She is so the awesomest.

She also gave me a very interesting book about female superheroes called The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, and the History of Comic Book Heroines which you all know is right up my alley.

I have the greatest friends.

Oh, and because dodger_sister has been bugging me, I finally took and uploaded pictures of the infamous Apoca-box that she and baylorsr created.

The top of the box, clearly inscribed with its character and a warning that opening before the Apocalypse may cause the Apocalypse. With bonus custom Devil's Trap.

A side view. Note how prominently displayed the fire starter is.

The contents of the Apoca-box, which include but are not limited to: toilet paper, antiseptic wipes, soap, a first aid kit, rope, light sticks, thermal blankets, aqua pura, a fire starter, hand sanitizer, Apocalypse How, toothpaste&toothbrush, water, a wind-up radio, the Going Rogue coloring book (a sign of the Apocalypse if ever there was one) and a red binder full of important info about how to do things like make soap from scratch, wilderness first aid, food storage, how to clean what you hunt, and other survival techniques. Not shown: a bag of peanut M&Ms that needs to was mysteriously eaten and needs to be replaced.

Yes, I opened the Apoca-box. So if the Apocalypse happens now you know who'll get the credit. Come on zombies!

In conclusion: I've decided to dress up as a 60's housewife for Halloween (Donna Reed or Mad Men s.1 Betty Draper) which will be extra-awesome considering this year's official Halloween theme is zombies. I will bake you cookies, chain smoke, and then eat your brains!!!!

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