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Hmmm, I'm not too sure about 'Time Flies' as a title for this little project anymore. It just doesn't work for a magic-infused post-plague apocalypse. I'll have to give it a little more thought.

Anyway, here's some more. I think this is the longest bit yet.


A baby wailed through the darkness, its screams a knife cutting through the dark. Anne pulled herself up into a sitting position, limbs stiff and feet sore. She’d slept the day away, dreams of running, heart pounding, chasing her through the long hours. Her entire body ached and she didn’t want to get up.

The shrill crying didn’t stop. It wound through her head until she found herself standing up, bag in hand, standing outside in the dew-sodden grass. The moon shone down, half-full and silver, brighter than she remembered it being. The screams spiraled out of the woods that loomed at the edge of the yard, the trees tall and gray in the half light.

She followed the circling sound into the dark. The cold snap of fall had settled into the air but leaves still canopied above her head, their colors only starting to change. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark even as the world around her faded and blurred. She knew, on some level, that she shouldn’t be out there, that she shouldn’t be alone in the dark, but she had to find that lost child. The thought of it, alone and terrified, drove her on.

The trees broke and she saw a toddler, hardly big enough to walk, sitting alone on an old, rutted path. Its breathing hitched and it reached out to her, face red and streaked with tears and snot.

She sped up. She was only a few feet away when she stumbled, feet suddenly not enough to hold her up. She fell to her knees and gasped, hands scraping on the ground. She stared, eyes wide and frozen, as the child began to change.

Its eyes widened and its skin grayed, limbs lengthening as it levered itself upright. Anne blinked and it lumbered above her, huge and world-ending. She blinked again and a cold hand was wrapped around her wrist and pulling her up.

“Come on!” A girl with wide eyes yelled and pulled her away, away from the monster, away from the path and the trees and the darkness waiting there. The sound of the river rushed in front of them and the girl pulled her into a boat bobbing on the water.

The girl looked at her, eyes bright in her thin face, and pushed off from the shore.

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Oct. 9th, 2012 07:34 pm (UTC)
Omg, the goosebumps won't go away now! It was like watching a movie where the girl runs upstairs instead of out of the house - Anne going into the woods at dark because she heard a baby crying. I, of course, thought someone was using the kid as bait to get her but OMG, MONSTERS! And people rescuing her!

/chinhands until there is more/
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