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Writing is awesome. Trufax. So I thought I'd do a little more of it.

I should really come up with some kind of title for this. Oh well, Post-Apocalypse will work for now. =D

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A little more post-apocalypse. Because reasons.

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I watched Revolution last night and it was super-enjoyable. I know a lot of TV people are burned out on having yet another JJ Abrams (inspired or executed) Lost-style show but unlike all of those other shows (V, Flash Forward, Terra Nova, etc) I wasn't bored during the pilot and none of the characters inspired any knee jerk annoyance or loathing.

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This is the first major network pilot I've seen in a while where I'm actually kind of excited to see what happens next. Am I head-over-heels? Not yet, but the elements are all there and I have enough Kripke good will built up to give the show time to find its feet. I think there's a fun sci-fi adventure/mystery to be had in this show and if anyone knows how to make a TV show that tells a complete story without taking itself too seriously it's Eric Kripke.

And did you notice that the one piece of popular music in the entire pilot was AC/DC? It's like coming home.

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I'm trying to get my writing mojo back. This whole not writing thing is killing me, you guys. Anyway, I "borrowed" a prompt table from somewhere around these here internets and I'm going to try to use it for some original fiction writing.

I've explored some of these themes before, but the post-apocalypse never seems to get old.

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Sep. 18th, 2012

I've been wanting to make a politically-focused post for a while. There's a lot of blah blah blah blah going on in American politics right now, a lot of hyperbole and obfuscation and I wanted to say a few words on it.

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My biggest problem with Mitt Romney is that he doesn't realize how good he's always had it, how lucky he's been. He can't see his own privilege and honestly thinks that hard work is the answer to every question. He can't seem to understand that hard work can only get you part of the way and that institutional inequalities, be they economic, racial, gendered, or class-based, can hold you down regardless of how "deserving" you happen to be.

But then, I'm clearly a hippie socialist, so what do I know?

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Fic: One With the Sun

This is not my fault. I wanted to write something for dodger_sister for her birthday (which was way back in May) and this is what popped into my head. It has all of the things she loves in it (hot guys, high school AU, dancing) and I'm posting the first part in the hope that I'll actually work on continuing it.

You suck, Dodger, and I love you.

Title: One With the Sun
Fandom: CWRPF
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: No money has been or is being made in the writing or distribution of this story. It's all fiction, pure fiction.
Summary: I sing the body electric/I celebrate the me yet to come.
Notes: This is one part high school AU and one part Fame (1980) movie fusion. And all parts dodger_sister fault, because that’s how she rolls.

( I toast to my own reunion/When I become one with the sun )

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Things have been happening. And happening some more. I just don't really have it in me to post about it all.

Thanks to Curiosity, the new Mars rover, I've been strongly tempted to get a twitter. There are just so many things over there now and they're all so shiny. I might hold off until I get a smartphone, though. Checking twitter on the phone I have would probably be an exercise in frustration.

BTW YAY SCIENCE!!!!! Robots are cool and they're even cooler when we've successfully landed them on another planet.

Apparently Alexis Denisof is going to be in a new webseries about the apocalypse. You all know how much I love a good apocalypse so I'll probably check it out.

Finally, and most importantly PUPPY CAM!!!!!!!! 24/7 livestreaming of corgi puppies. It is even more adorably than you'd think it would be. I keep it playing in a window all day at work and take little mini-breaks during the day to see what the puppies are doing (mostly eating and sleeping, right now).


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Jul. 24th, 2012

Another week, another SYTYCD post. What, it's summer and dancing is pretty (plus I'm still formulating Dark Knight Rises thoughts; thinking is hard).

Above the cut I'll say that I wasn't too upset about any of the cuts this week. A couple of the numbers were weirdly choreographed, but some of them were excellent and, well, yes it's time to cut.

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Yay summer dance show!

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I went to see The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday and, well, do you remember that bit near the end of The Incredibles where the dust clears to show the little kid on his big wheel. Remember?

That was how I felt coming out of the movie. THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED! I have so many FEELINGS about this movie. It was the perfect end to Nolan's trilogy, it brought Batman and Bruce Wayne full circle and I loved it SO FUCKING MUCH.

I still have too many thoughts and feelings to parse. It is, honestly and truly, the best movie I've seen all year. I can't wait to go back to see it again.

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I was all set to type up a post about Dark Knight Rises and all of the things I love and don't love about Chris Nolan's Batman movies, but after hearing about everything that happened in Aurora, CO I don't have the heart to do that.

My heart goes out to the people in that movie theater, people like us, people excited to see something they loved. Horrible things happen all of the time but this one, today, seems to hit very close to home.

Please be safe. And please be excellent to each other.

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So bored. Waiting for someone to finish a document. La la la.

We've had a wonderful rainy-ish day today. I never thought I'd be so happy to wake up to a cloudy sky because, damn, this drought's been a killer. And then I got to spend lunch at the Farmers' Market that occasionally shows up on the Capitol lawn during the summer. It's a good thing I'd just cashed my paycheck because I bought EVERYTHING. I bought delicious tacos for lunch and some baclava. I bought organic dog treats and cheese and homemade soap and veggies (green beans, summer squash, and cucumbers) and smoked salmon and honey and oh my. I'll have to get out of town at some point and pick up some sweet corn and blueberries as well. And then I'll have ALL TEH NOMS!

Food is so delicious. I've been thinking about throwing together a big bowl of pasta salad. I bet those fresh veggies and the salmon would taste great in that. Decisions, decisions.

I caught that new show, Political Animals, over on USA and I enjoyed it muchly. The cast is awesome and it had women! talking to each other! and being awesome! It's not really subtle and the thinly-veiled Hillary Clinton hagiography can be kind of eye-rolly (okay Greg Berlanti, you think everything would be better if Hillary were the President, we get it) but Sigourney Weaver is awesome and they do a good job of showing how much harder the female characters have to work to be taken seriously.

Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed it and I'll be looking forward to catching the rest of the run. I love these short season shows. I wish US TV would do more of them.

I get to go see a little movie called The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

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Jul. 16th, 2012

The Baylors are horrible influences. It's all thanks to them that I watch Teen Mom and So You Think You Can Dance (okay, the blame for SYTYCD falls solely on dodger_sister, but the point stands).

I, however, am an awesome influence because thanks to me they watch Lost Girl. I rock.

Anyway, under the cut you'll find my favorite dances from last week's SYTYCD. Because I'm still hooked.

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LOL, yet another "I love YouTube" kind of day.

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I saw The Muppets yesterday and it was GLORIOUS. I laughed, I cried, I laugh-cried. Jason Segel gets a free pass for life for getting that movie made. It was the perfect addition to the Muppet story.

Suffice it to say that I loved everything about it. LOVE.

In lieu of a wordy review I'll leave you, instead, with these two videos:

Bret, You Got It Goin' On

The Rainbow Connection


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Feeling much better. It's amazing what a little sushi and some bubble tea will do for a girl. My emotions are very nova-like in that things accrete and accrete and accrete and then they go BOOM! and then things are better (while the accretion cycle begins again).

Yes, I just went all astronomy-analogy on ya'll. I love a good astronomy analogy.

Speaking of, now's as good a time as any to talk about the latest book I read. Or, rather, well, it's complicated. Anyway. I began following the Sword & Laser vlog a couple months ago and I thought it would be fun to read along with their monthly book club. I had hit this point with scifi/fantasy books where I didn't know what was good so I stopped reading pretty much anything that wasn't by an author I already knew and loved/enjoyed. Which is how, back in May, I came to read Hyperion by Dan Simmons. And then, when I got to the end and discovered a cliffhanger, I had to go on and read its sequel/companion The Fall of Hyperion.

Wow, that's a lot of backstory.

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In sum: Time travel is timey wimey and not that easy to understand. But if science fiction with a heavy side of philosophy is what gets you going then these are probably the books for you.

Next up: The Stepsister Scheme by Jim Hines.

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Yay! More book reviews!

Last week, as part of my haul from lulu.com, I received and read Heroine Addiction by Jennifer Matarese. [print][e-book] What a fun, entertaining read.

Here Be Possible SpoilersCollapse )

Heroine Addiction is rollicking good time of a book. I would love to see more from this universe or, at the very least, more from Jennifer Matarese. If you like snappy dialogue, imaginative settings, and awesome superhero action, then I bet you'll really dig this book.

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Ugh, I did not sleep well last night. A lot of tossing and turning and weird, disturbing dreams and not nearly enough good, old fashioned sleep. Here's hoping work goes easy on me today, though it's always the days that look light on the calender that turn out to be a pain in the ass in reality.

Went with the girls to see The Avengers again on Saturday. It's still not my OMG FAVORITE MOVE EVAR but it is entertaining. Everything with the Hulk is golden and Tony-Bruce SCIENCE BROS is quite possibly the best thing ever.

I watched the Legend of Korra season finale and OMG LOVED IT! BewareCollapse )

In sum: I can't wait to see what the second season brings. Seriously can.not.wait.

The weather here in the Great State of Michigan has cooled down a little bit, thank goodness, but we could really use some more rain. Dry and sunny is beautiful, but a little rain would do us some good.

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Jun. 21st, 2012

I have made a resolution to myself to talk more about the books I read. Becaure I read a lot of books and a lot of them are really good. Plus, some of them are by independent authors who deserve a little positive word of mouth.

This past week I read Charitable Getting by Sam Starbuck [print][e-book]. And by past week I mean Tuesday. I opened the Lulu package after work and I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. A fun, entertaining read that kept me going until the very last page.

I appreciated the novel's dialogue about old media vs. new. It's the real conflict of the story and I appreciate that the author allows the discussino to be nuanced. Starbuck is clearly a fan of new media and a blogger and clearly (in the novel) has a bias toward the new but he also points out the strengths and power of traditional journalism. We're all biased in our own unique ways.

There characters were, as a whole, a lot of fun and the novel really shone when they were all interacting with each other. There was a great sense of family, which is something you know I love. I am, however, still ambivalent about the reporter character, Tonya Montmaray. Her function in the story makes her a difficult character to render and I can tell that Starbuck took a lot of care to try to make her sympathetic, to show her various facets, but she still suffered being cast in the old media role. After the events of the story her ending feels unfinished, a little too pat.

Charitable Getting wasn't as personally enthralling a read as Starbuck's first novel, Nameless, was, but I very much enjoyed it. If you want a fun, easy read with some bonus thinkiness than you should definitely pick it up.

Next on the list: Heroine Addiction by Jennifer Matarese.

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June is LGBT Month so it seems like a good time to say this, something I've been thinking about saying for a while.

I'm bisexual.

Okay, wow, I didn't anticipate that there would be knots in my stomach while I typed that phrase. Though I guess I should have, considering all of the introspection and self-realization that came before I allowed myself to realize the truth. But saying this out loud to someone who isn't my closest friend is terrifying.

There is a certain kind of peace in it. I don't have to tie myself in mental knots of rationalization and denial everytime I'm attratcted to a woman, I don't have to pretend away things I think or feel. I feel more like myself, if that makes any sense.

Of course, things aren't all rainbows and unicorns. I'm still Mormon (which, wow, the mess of that issue deserves a whole serious post of its own, or possibly sparkly gifs) and I'm nowhere near ready to come out to any member of my family. But I am ready to say it to all of you.

I'm bisexual. It's kind of awesome. =D

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I got the first two seasons of Community for my birthday and OMG I love it so. I'd seen a few sporadic episodes and had started to watch regulary during the last half of the third season, but OMG it's even better when you watch it all from the beginning.

Community is like this fuzzy, warm, amazing blanket that I can wrap myself up in. It brings me happiness and delight. I think the season two Christmas episode might very well be my favorite Christmas episode of any TV show. A lot of my favorite TV shows have done Christmas episodes that I really love but "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" captures all of that gooey Christmas nostalgia from my childhood and repackages it for me in an adult-shaped form. So much sappy love, seriously.

I wish season three was out on dvd so I could mainline that too.

In other TV news, summer TV is sad and boring. Actually, that's probably just my ongoing TV ennui talking which, ugh, how pretentious and douchenozzle-y does that sound? TV ennui. I need to get over myself.

I enjoyed the Falling Skies season premiere, though I wish they'd cut some of the sappy family stuff. I am just about over Tom Mason and his blah blah blah blah. He's starting to slide into annoying Mary Sue territory, seriously. But a lot of the other characters are fun and you know I love post-apocalyptic anything. The group as a whole has gotten a lot less stupid since last season, which is to be appluaded. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Let's see... I'm also still enjoying Lost Girl as it airs on SyFy. I'm friendshipping Kenzi and Hale hard. That not's to say I don't still love Kenzi and Bo's relationship, because I do, but Kenzi and Hale are so totally entertaining to watch. I could watch a whole show about Kenzi and Hale having shenanigans. Why isn't there more fic about this? Why isn't there any fic about this? Come on fandom, cater to my whims.

I'm thinking about writing a quick Narnia fic for the solstice. Maybe about Peter? I think this means I have to do quick Wikipedia-style research on summer solstice festivals/ceremonies. Excellent.

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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman over the weekend and was pleasantly satisfied with how much I enjoyed it. It was life-changing cinema but it was fun and exciting and things moved along at a good pace. I very much enjoyed it.

Now For SpoilersCollapse )

I'm definitely going to buy the dvd once it comes out and then do a double feature with Willow. It'll be awesomest, nerdiest night ever. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

I keep on typing "Snow White and the Hungsman." Inevitable porno in 5...4...3....

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